why can't hackers attack via well known ports that are

Mar 27, 2004 How to Check Open TCP/IP Ports in Windows Jul 03, 2017 attacks - Why do hackers scan for open ports Trying default username & password combinations is just one part of hacking. Using vulnerabilities in software running on the traget is another part and to discover what software is running port scanning is a good first step. If you don't know which ports are open you don't know to which ports you can send malicous packets to. How easy is it for a website to be hacked with port 443 Feb 08, 2018

Nov 28, 2018

I've been here some time now butt I've been mostly focusing on Wifi and injecting backdoors solely by social engineering (physical access). However, I have set myself a task. I have a PC behind my router. I have the access to the router,and can forward any port. However I'm not so experienced in choosing vulnerable ports an exploiting them, So if you cold point me at a guide. Hacked Through A Minecraft Server? - Server Support and May 29, 2012

Apr 08, 2008

How to check for open ports on Linux – Linux Hint