For PPPoE subscribers, the PPP MRU or PPP MTU size can be greater than 1492 bytes if the PPP-Max-Payload tag is received in the PPPoE Active Discovery Request (PADR) packets. The configuration of …

MTU Size Maximum Transmission Unit; the size in bytes of the largest data unit that the device is configured to process inside the PPPoE tunnel. Users may enter a MTU value up to 1492 bytes. However, if the MTU determined during link negotiations with the PPPoE server is less than this user-specified value, the PPPoE client uses the smaller Solved: PPPoe DMVPN mtu - Cisco Community And mss is mtu - 40 = 1360. You can, also test the maximum of data you can send over the tunnel by using the command: ping src-tun-ip sou dst-tun-ip df-bit size 1360. You can increase this number by 10 on each test to see where is the limit. On my customer environment, with pppoe and dmvpn, with mtu as 1400 it works fine. Thanks VPN: Configuring the MTU setting - Jan 13, 2019

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Mar 20, 2012 MTU Troubleshooting on Cisco IOS - Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is the largest size in bytes that a certain layer can forward. The MTU is different for each protocol and medium that we use. Ethernet for example has a MTU of 1500 bytes by default. This means that a single Ethernet frame can carry up to 1500 bytes of data.