One note on the OpenSSL base64 command: the number you enter is the number of random bytes that OpenSSL will generate, *before* base64 encoding. Base64 then then produces four bytes of output for every three bytes of input – meaning that the number on the command line should be 3/4 of the desired password length.

OpenSSL - OpenSSL "req -x509 -set_serial" - Certificate Yes, you can sign you own CSR (Certificate Sign Request) with a given serial number using the OpenSSL "req -x509 -set_serial" command as shown below. Without the "-set_serial" option, the resulting certificate will have random serial number. See the example below: OpenSSL - OpenSSL "ca" - "error while loading serial number" You have to set an initial value like "1000" in the file. After that OpenSSL will increment the value each time a new certificate is generated. Fixing this error is easy. Just create the serial number file: ./demoCA/serial, as shown below: C:\Users\fyicenter>copy CON demoCA\serial 1000 -Z 1 file (s) copied. OpenSSL - User - Using set_serial to control serial number

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openssl_csr_sign() generates an x509 certificate resource from the given CSR. serial. An optional the serial number of issued certificate. If not specified it will default to 0. Return Values. Returns an x509 certificate resource on success, FALSE on failure. certificate authority - OpenSSL error while loading openssl ca -config full-path-to-openssl.cnf -gencrl -out full-path-to-RcCA.crl Where rcCA is the crl file. File structure: root CA . certs ; crl; csr; intermediate; newcerts; pfx; private. serial. openssl.cnf; index.txt; crlnumber; Bottom three are files, above are folders. The answers I've found are pointing to the lack of index file. But it Guide for building an ECC pki - IETF Tools

Jun 05, 2020

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