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Re: VPN Connecting but no internet access ‎03-26-2015 09:09 AM are you wanting certin parts of the config as im unsure how safe it will be to post the whole thing online!!! [SRX] Pulse client is connected, but - Juniper Networks Perform the following steps: This article assumes that the Pulse client is connected to the SRX. If the Pulse client PC is not connected or you are not sure if it is connected to the SRX, refer to KB17220 - Resolution Guide - SRX - Troubleshoot Pulse VPN connections to SRX. On the Pulse PC client, enter the command ipconfig from a DOS prompt. Look at the IP address assigned to the Ethernet Juniper Networks Inc Remote Access - Free downloads and juniper networks inc remote access free download - Juniper Network Connect Virtual Adapter, Access Remote PC, Easy Remote Access, and many more programs

• Start - programs - Juniper Networks - Network connect 6.0 and then right click Network connect - send to - desktop (create shortcut) this will send shortcut to your desktop. • You should be able to run your log on script after you launch Net Connect and this will map all your dives for you so you can access them from your desktop.

May 29, 2014 Installation of Network Connect To close the Network Connect client, double click the icon located in the Windows taskbar (bottom right corner of the screen) and select Sign Out. * A shortcut can be created on this desktop by selecting Start / All Programs / Juniper Networks / Network Connect 6.3.0. Right-click Network Connect …

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Question about SSL VPN-Juniper Secure Access - Pulse Question about SSL VPN-Juniper Secure Access Hi guys, I have some question about SA product : 1. Can we monitoring user activity after the user login success to SSL VPN connection, like can we see what is user do in the network and what protocols or applications You can use Network Connect or WSAM to remotely access Exchange. Regards. Russ Juniper Networks Network Connect 8.0.11 - Download Network Connect is a software package from Juniper Networks that provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. The Network Connect (NC) provides a clientless VPN user experience, serving as an additional remote access mechanism to corporate resources using an IVE appliance. Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN Client Windows Quick