How to block YouTube on Android & iPhone

How do I block YouTube on my child’s mobile device Enter into the blacklist websites section. 2. Blocking the YouTube application on Android devices. If you have used the timetable to set when your child can use their smartphone or tablet, YouTube will only be able to be used in those time periods. However, if you want to block YouTube access at all times, follow the steps below: Access Blocked Websites On Android - YouTube Aug 15, 2014 How to Easily Unblock Someone on YouTube in 2019 Apr 11, 2019 How to Block YouTube on Your Computer and Mobile Devices

How to Block Ads on YouTube App for Android?

11 Working Techniques to Unblock YouTube at School and Unblock YouTube using Google Translate. Google translator is one exceptional tool from google, … 3 Proven Ways to Unblock YouTube On Device and PC Recommended way to unblock YouTube: NordVPN. If you want to unblock YouTube at school, be it for referring to a DIY project from a foreign school or college, NordVPN will prove to be an exceptional solution. The VPN not only masks your IP but also encrypts the data transferred online.

May 06, 2020

Jul 18, 2020 · Here is a simple tutorial showing you how you can block and unblock phone numbers with your Android phone. Thanks for watching! Jan 27, 2020 · From the Phone app Settings menu, locate and tap Call blocking from the list of options. The Blocked numbers screen contains the list of numbers you blocked. Locate the one (or more) that you want to unblock and tap the X to the right of it. In the small pop-up that appears next, confirm that you want to unblock this number by tapping UNBLOCK. Nov 02, 2019 · How to Block and Unblock Phone Numbers on Android Smartphone In this video, I will show you how to block and unblock phone numbers on your Android phone. If you are getting phone calls from Mar 27, 2020 · Google translator is one exceptional tool from google, which can unblock YouTube at school and college. Navigate to and then type the YouTube URL Select two different languages (at least one should be English) and hit Translate button Mar 30, 2020 · How to Unblock a Number on Android. This wikiHow teaches you how to remove a phone number from any Android's block list. Open the Phone app. It's the icon of a phone receiver on the home screen. If you don't see it there, check the app