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Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information). mitmproxy - an interactive HTTPS proxy It can be used to intercept, inspect, modify and replay web traffic such as HTTP/1, HTTP/2, WebSockets, or any other SSL/TLS-protected protocols. You can prettify and decode a variety of message types ranging from HTML to Protobuf, intercept specific messages on-the-fly, modify them before they reach their destination, and replay them to a OS X as a internet Proxy Server - Apple Community Feb 20, 2006 mac osx - Enabling pf for transparent proxy on Mac OS X I'm doing some usability testing of a web application and am attempting to debug and record some SSL sessions using mitmproxy as a transparent proxy and for some reason pf under Mac OS X Mountain Lion isn't setting up the transparent redirects. First, I enable forwarding: sudo sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

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Is there an OS X equivalent to the web debugging proxy I do web development on Windows for my day job, and I rely a lot on Fiddler, which is web debugging proxy. What is an equivalent tool for OS X? Configuring TCP/IP and Proxy Settings on Mac OSX | Answer

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Set up a proxy server using Safari on Mac - Apple Support Set up a proxy server using Safari on Mac Your network administrator may ask you to specify a proxy server to access the internet if your Mac connects to it through a firewall. Your administrator should tell you the type of proxy server to specify, the IP address or host name, and a port number. Manually Verify Proxy - OSX - Lightspeed Systems Community Dec 07, 2017 Tutorial - Apple OS X: Configuring Proxy Settings - YouTube Oct 14, 2013 IWebProxy Interface (System.Net) | Microsoft Docs