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How to Set Up Static DHCP So Your Computer’s IP Address Jul 12, 2017 Creating a Wireless Access Point using DD-WRT - Refresh Jan 19, 2009 DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - DD-WRT and DHCP Forwarding The DHCP server is a Windows 2008 server, which has a superscope configured, with multiple scopes inside, one for each network. However, it looks like the DD-WRT is not forwarding my DHCP requests from the various wireless networks. I also messed about with the /etc/dhcp-fwd.conf file, where I changed the networks to the correct ones. DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Multiple WLAN & DHCP forwarding

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DHCP Forwarder settings are not being saved - DD-WRT I am trying to setup a DHCP Forwarder. So I select that option, and the page refreshes. When I attempt to add a valid IP address to the "DHCP Server" fields, they are not saved when I click "Save" and they are not applied when I click "Apply Settings." I have tried a number of different ways, but no workaround was found using the web interface. DHCP Forwarder - Management, Networking, Logging and

Get the wireless clients on the dd-wrt device on the same layer 2 network with the pfSense interface and turn off all DHCP in dd-wrt. My dd-wrt router has a static ip on my lan with pfsense as the gateway. For some unknown reason, my wireless clients are unable to obtain an ip without dhcp forwarder. There is no "for some unknown reason" about it.

Mar 28, 2018 networking - Can't access DD-WRT set in DHCP forwarder This might sound amazingly stupid but I have a DD-WRT (micro) router that I placed in my network to act as a switch and as a WAP while relying on my cable modem to be the DHCP server. In my attempts to get the configuration right I put the router into DHCP forwarder which then made everything work correctly.