PS4: Troubleshooting PlayStation Network Login Issues

Playstation: cant log into playstation network no longer cant log into playstation network no longer have phone number to do the * step verification and do not have codes. GetHuman-carlrche did not yet indicate what Playstation should do to make this right. Cant sign in to the playstation network Can't log on to my playstation network . When I … Why can't I log in to my Sony Entertainment Network Jan 25, 2008 Can´t login to my EA account on my ps4 - Answer HQ 1. log in to your Origin account 2. click Friends -> Add a friend in the menu bar 3. the pop-up will give you the option to connect to Facebook, XBOX Live or Playstation Network. Choose your preferred option 4. fill in your log-in details and follow the steps on screen. You're good to go.

But the problem it is sending a code to a phone that I must put in, but I never put my cell number into my PlayStation account, so it has no phone number to actually send it to. Therefore, I can't log onto my account to even put in a number to get the code sent to(but if I could log in i wouldn't have this problem).

Configure your network settings, and skip testing the connection. Log ito PSN. Initializing is the absolute last thing you should ever try. Don't do that on your PS3 TC. If you really have a problem call Sony. *edit* I misread or misunderstood your OP. If I were you I'd try looking around the Playstation forums or contacting Sony directly.

Using a Different User Sign-in ID on PlayStation ® 3 . Each User on a PS3™ system can only be associated with one account on PlayStation™Network. The first time a User signs in to PlayStation™Network, the account they sign in with is tied to that User. This means the User cannot sign into a different account.

Problem signing in to PS3 - PlayStation Nation - GameSpot I wanna be able to log in to my new acc so i can use my new name to play games online. But it wont let me sign in to Playstation network techbrain Use a different email address PS4 won't let me sign in with new PSN ID that I just made You can't update an existing PSN account to use a different set of PSN login details of another account, that would merge two accounts. You have to make a new local account and link that to the new ID instead. I don't think I was updating an account, I was creating an entirely new one. With a new and different e-mail address as well. Can’t log into PlayStation Network account on fortnite Can’t log into PlayStation Network account on fortnite BUG Whenever I launch fortnite it goes through the loading screen and when I press x to launch it tells me that it cannot log into …