Our lives continue to become more and more digital. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep the data on your iPhone secure. In this video, we walk through 5 easy ways you can make your iPhone

Nov 01, 2019 · "One of the easiest ways to secure your iPhone is picking a truly random PIN code," Leigh-Anne Galloway, cybersecurity resilience lead at Positive Technologies, says, "do not use your date of Jan 28, 2020 · Get an iPhone SE with Mint Mobile service for $30/mo Take advantage of it—if you're not using 6-digits yet, go to Settings > [Touch ID or Face ID] & Passcode, and change your passcode. You'll be able to enter a new six-digit code. While Apple's iOS system is pretty secure, there are ways to make sure that your iPhone is as secure from hackers as it can be. If you have concerns about the safety of your private data Dec 03, 2018 · Go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode(or Face ID & Passcodeon iPhones with Face ID), enter your existing passcode, and then tap on Passcode Options to get a set of options.

Jul 26, 2010 · More often, we treat our iPhones as diaries which hold some of our personal information which we do not want to be exposed to anyone we don’t know. Therefore, making them more secure is the best thing we can do to protect our privacy. I hope this article is helpful enough.

Feb 09, 2016 · Since the dawn of locks, criminals have been breaking past them; and iPhones are no different. IBM executive security expert Etay Maor tells us just how easy it is to get past its lock screen 6 ways to make your phone more secure. users need to be constantly vigilant and make sure that their phones are secure, and here are six ways you can do that. A subsection of iPhone users

Jan 06, 2016 · Lock your phone. If someone got ahold of your phone, you wouldn't want them to easily access your information or apps. It's important to lock your phone. And you can change the settings so your

Choose Change Password on Website and Apple will try to take you to the relevant page to replace your password with a more secure make use of. We keep hearing more and iPhone /iPad Storage Jun 11, 2018 · Apple’s new version of iOS adds several new security features that make your iPhone more secure. Specifically, iOS 12 offers a new tool that allows users to create strong and unique passwords. Besides, you will be able to share and receive passwords from nearby iOS devices.